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Published By: TV Guide

TV Guide

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TV Guide Reviews  
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Reviewer: shanie  5 out of 5 stars
8/9/2006 11:38:35 AM
I don't know what I would do without my TV Guide! The listings help me to decide exactly what shows I want to watch without having to surf endlessly through the channels. The descriptive movie blurbs let me know which movies I should just skip! I love the articles, the compact design and the easy-to-follow guide through my weekly viewing choices. With the hundreds of channels now, I don't know how anyone survives without this!    Permalink
Reviewer: Robin  4 out of 5 stars
magic, 12/30/2005 10:13:23 PM
I wish you would give ''criss angel'' more public recognition. This man is great and fantastic to watch. I just wish this man was on local channels.    Permalink
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