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Redbook is for young working women who must maintain a balance between their careers and their personal lives. Feature articles in this monthly magazine cover diet, beauty, fitness, relationships, finance, and so much more.
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Reviewer: Dmdifalco  5 out of 5 stars
8/25/2009 10:54:52 PM
I was introduced to Redbook as a teenager by my mother, who read it faithfully from cover to cover each month. Thirty years later and now I have gotten my grown daughters to subscribe also. Redbook is a plus for all households. They offer sound advice for stretching your dollars; keeping up your health and decorating your home. Personal stories of courage through adversity and trials are a added bonus to this fantastic magazine. Redbook is excellent, I definitely recommend!    Permalink
Reviewer: sugarnspice2000  4 out of 5 stars
8/5/2006 11:22:17 AM
This magazine has a cutting edge to it. Redbook is not as sex-driven as other magazines but still delivers some hot advice for behind closed doors. With hot articles in it this magazine will keep you informed without boring you to tears! The articles range from steamy bedroom tips to decorating ideas to trendy fashion guidelines that will keep you up-to-date. For advice, ideas, recipes and tips for keeping the man in your life satisfied, there isn't a better publication!    Permalink
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