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Nursing Made Incredibly Easy
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Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!

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The emphasis of Nursing Made Incredibly Easy! is on breaking down challenging clinical concepts, the ones that are often difficult or confusing for the practicing nurse to grasp.

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Reviewer: Jen  5 out of 5 stars
-great BOOKS & MAG'S= breaks down info- so it's INCREDIBLY EASY to learn!!!, 10/26/2006 11:23:19 AM
I love the entire line of ''Nursing Made Incredibly Easy''-books & magazines. The magazines 'enticed' me so much I started reading the books, I am a 1st sem. nursing student & the books & magazines that I have had the privilege of reading/owning, now make me want the entire SET of books for reference. I feel it would break down so many difficult aspects that students sometimes have trouble grapping & 'simplify' them- while getting the MAIN points across! I Love the books & magazines- KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK- & keep on writing- wanna see more before I GRADUATE- :)
~Jen (1st sem- RN-student)    Permalink
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