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Good Housekeeping

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Devoted to contemporary women, subscribe for monthly articles focused on food, fitness, beauty, and child care using the resources of the Good Housekeeping institute. From human interest stories and social issues to money management and travel, this magazine covers it all.

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Reviewer: Sherry  5 out of 5 stars
8/5/2006 11:17:53 AM
For years, Good Housekeeping has been the hallmark of good taste for me and my mom! With informative articles that are stamped with the Good Housekeeping Institute's approval, I was able to trust the integrity of the information provided. The articles feature fashion, decorating, health, diet and more, including mouth-watering recipes and fiction that will have you hungering for more! Plus I was able to keep up-to-date on current affairs. Reading Good Housekeeping has kept my mom and I informed for decades and has never lost its touch!    Permalink
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