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Entertainment Weekly

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Entertainment Weekly gives you a front row seat to the latest news on TV, movies, music, books and more. The pages of Entertainment Weekly are filled with celebrity interviews, editorials on current and late breaking Hollywood news, movie, book album and television show reviews. The award winning writing and editorial staff at Entertainment weekly go out of their way each week to bring you the latest buzz, the insider information on the Hollywood business, celebrity news and gossip and more. Entertainment weekly is the one magazine you need to stay in touch and on top of all the current Hollywood and entertainment news.

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Reviewer: happy reader  4 out of 5 stars
12/9/2009 5:54:21 PM
EW is truly a different kind of entertainment magazine! I enjoy reading it cover to cover every week and even refer back to the old issues quite often. I especially appreciate that EW doesnt focus on the gossip of the entertainment industry like so many other magazines. I read EW to get an understanding of whats happening and whats coming up in the worlds of music, books, movies and TV shows. Of course EW covers the popular trends of the hour, but what catches me most off guard are the lesser known works that are featured. The downside is the recent inclusion of politics in their issues- I dont think politics should have a place in an entertainment magazine. Still a great mag, though!    Permalink
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