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No discussion of Conde Nast Traveler would be complete without mentioning the popular reader surveys and polls. The magazine, via independent polling firms, randomly sends out questionnaires to subscribers regarding a variety of the travel choices. Results are compiled in the annual Reader's Choice issue.

Reader's Choice categories have included:
50 Top Spas
50 Best Ski Resorts
25 Gorgeous Escapes
Top 50 Tennis Resorts
Top 50 All-American Getaways
Top 500 Resorts, Hotels, Spas & Cruise Lines
48 Best Adventure Cruises
Top 10 Hotel Chains

Perhaps the most popular awards are found in the magazine's annual "Gold List"and "Hot List" issues. The Gold List salutes the best hotels in the world, while the Hot List offers a roundup of the hottest new restaurants in the world. In addition, since 1989, Conde Nast Traveler has also bestowed an Environmental Award on an individual, nominated by the world's leading environmental organizations, who has done something extraordinary to preserve the environment. The Environmental Award carries a significant cash prize. Since 1994, the magazine has also been conferring an annual Ecotourism Award, which acknowledges the efforts of a Hotel/Resort, Destination, and Tour Operator in promoting ecotourism-the concept of tourism that is sustainable, responsible, and beneficial to the environment.

Conde Nast Traveler readership

As of 2005, Conde Nast Traveler had an average paid circulation of 783,762. Its total readership was estimated at 3,235,000. Demographics break down as follows:

TOTAL ADULTS: 3,235,000

    Male: 39%
    Female: 61%
    Median Age: 48
    Median Household income: $102,354
    Graduated College+: 59.4%
    Professional/Managerial: 45.1%
    Top Management: 29.2%

It's safe to say that Conde Nast Traveler is truly a breed apart from the rest of the world's travel magazines. As current magazine vice president and publisher Lisa Hughes has said, "We constantly innovate and the other magazines copy us. We cover subjects no other travel magazine would touch, like safety and security. After 9/11, these are critical issues with any traveler and we've always been out front. Our competition's editorial direction comes from seeing what is commercially successful with us and then copying it. And that's not how you behave when you're the leader."
Sir Harold Matthew Evans is a British-born journalist and writer who, in 1986, became the founding editor of Conde Nast Traveler, the magazine dedicated to "truth in travel."

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